Officers & Directors

Executive Officers

John W. Allison
President and Chief Executive Officer
Tracy M. French
Chairman Centennial Bank, President & Chief Executive Officer
Brian S. Davis
Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer C. Floyd
Chief Accounting Officer
Kevin D. Hester
Chief Lending Officer
Stephen Tipton
Chief Operating Officer
Donna J. Townsell
SEVP, Director of Investor Relations
Russell D. Carter, III
Centennial Bank Regional President

Board of Directors

John W. Allison
Jack E. Engelkes
Vice Chairman
Robert H. Adcock Jr.
Milburn Adams
Richard H. Ashley
Mike D. Beebe
Brian S. Davis
Tracy M. French
Karen E. Garrett
James G. Hinkle
Alex Ray Lieblong
Thomas J. Longe
Jim Rankin, Jr.
Donna J. Townsell


Holly A. McKenna
Corporate Secretary